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Types of Digital Signature (DSC)

Types of Digital Signature (DSC) –

  • Class-2 DSC – For IncomeTax Returns e-filing, MCA 21 & ROC, LLP, TDS Certificates, VAT Returns.
  • Class-3 DSC- For MCA21, ROC, Incometax, DGS&D, Northen Railway, IRCTC, e-Tendering, Trade Mark,e-procurement and other departments & organisations. Digital Certificates shall be used to access the website and authenticate the vendors. Vendors like E-Tendring etc. Vendors shall have to procure legally valid Digital Certificate issued by a Licensed Registration Authority (LRA) or FC like us.
  • DGFT – For Importers & Exporters.

What is Digital Signature (DSC) ?

A Digital Signature (DSC) is an electronic security mark. This certificate ensures that you will not be sending sensitive data to a hacker or imposter site. The browser also makes sure the domain name matches the name on the CA and that the CA has been generated by a trusted authority like us. PKI based digital signature (DSC) is cost effective with low price compared to other digital signature in the world. Digital signature reduce paper consumption as well as costs of transmission and storage.